New Super Funnel Crushes It

This super funnel is crushing it.
How would you like to build seven programs completely
hands free.

Get this, one of the programs in this super funnel
can be your own choice.

The top marketers know the incredible power of a high-converting, ‘targeted’ sales funnel.It’s the secret to building a better list with red hot buyers. Still not convinced?…

With this multi stream system you can quickly and easily

multistream syste,The Multi-Stream System, You Can& Easily…

  • Generate Commissions
  • Receive Multiple Checks
  • Create Residual Income
  • Build Your Own Email List
  • Increase Duplication
  • And A Whole Lot More!


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My Paying Ads-Advertise and Get Paid!

My Paying Ads is a viral advertising site which delivers
very high quality Pro traffic within short span of your
advertisement placed.

Are you an online entrepreneur looking for leads and/or
sales for your programs or products? Look no further,
My Paying Ads is the solution!

It also offers revenue sharing on ad pack purchases which
brings two-fold benefit to you. The ad pack plans are prepared
so thoughtfully in view of long term stability to the site with
continuous and progressive earnings to its members.
They are sure to bring success.

AdPacks are priced for everyone’s budget from as low as $1
and mature after 120% earnings. You also get a generous 10%
referral commissions.

Accepted Payment Processors: Paypal, Payza, STP and Perfect

Do not miss the high quality traffic that this site can offer.
Sign up and start using its services.

To Your Success,


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The ICE age is here InstantCashEngine 15 million credits

The ICE age is here InstantCashEngine 15 million credits for founders and awesome offers

Would you like to receive no emails ever? InstantCashEngine is live
plus 15 million credits plus 150 per cent commissions
Plus Claim hundreds of dollars in Free Traffic!


From the desk of: Joe Freyaldenhoven

Welcome to INSTANTCASHENGINE ! I Hope That You Find This One Of A Kind….Powerhouse Advertising Site, Useful In Your Every Day Marketing!

I am not going to bother you with a bunch of fluff, and BS….I’ve been quietly working on this site for awhile now, adding more features in every day.

You can earn up to 150% in commissions at INSTANTCASHENGINE ? Let me explain.

Let me explain 150% commissions so you understand how unique and powerful this feature is and how it benefits you like nothing you have ever seen.


You’ll get 100% commissions on all front-end OTO’s and offers

Plus commissions on advertising or upgrades by your referrals!
Plus you get all the admin commissions that would go to admin
for all the members in your downline.
We call it 150% commissions!

All the commissions in your downline that normally would go to admin will now go to you.

This is for unlimited levels down, no matter how far in your downline a commission that normally would go to admin will go to you.
The only way I earn is from sale of login offer for advertising not upgrades


GET YOUR hundreds$$ IN FREE ADS:

You’ll Receive 50,000 Credits…Plus
50,000 Viral Credits

10 Banner Ads
10 Text Ads
2 Button Ads
2 Block Ads
2 Ads Plus Ads
2 Headline Ads
2 Premium Ads

Click the “Advertising” button and redeem Promo Code: newmember

 At INSTANTCASHENGINE You Can Earn Points For ViewingText Ads, Banner Ads, Login Ads, Premium Ads, Block Ads, Ads Plus Ads, Featured Ads Plus Ads, Header Ads, Headline Ads, Fullpage Ads, Monthly Ads, and more!

INSTANTCASHENGINE Also Has The Viral Ads Feature , Where You Earn Commissions On Your Referrals By Using Our Viral Ads System, Where You Advertise Your Other Affiliate Links And Opportunities.

You Can See An Example Of Our Viral Ads System By Looking At The Bar Across The Bottom Of The Window. We Also Have The Residual Builder System at My Turbo List, Where You Can Add 7 Affiliate Banner Ads And Also Advertise My Turbo List.

Check it out NOW

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Earn Commissions While You Build Your List. New Site Launch Now.



Bringing You Effective Advertising…Guaranteed


==>Choose From 5 Different Membership Levels

==>Earn Credits From Viewing Super Solos, Solo Ads,
Text Ads, Banner Ads, Login Ads, Clix4Cash Solos,
Premium Ads, Block Ads, Ads Plus Ads, Featured Ads
Plus Ads, Header Ads, Headline Ads, Fullpage Ads,
and more

==>Earn Points For Viewing Other Members Ads

==>Win Our Referral Contests

==>Get Our Residual List Builder to Build Your Downlines

==>Use The Viral Ads System

==>Add Your Affiliate Links to Our Downline Builder
w/ Programs to Build Your Downlines

==>Earn CASH When Your Referrals Make A Purchase

==>Earn Points When Your Referrals Login

==>Use Our System Mailer to Email Your Downlines

==>Earn Extra Credits by Viewing SoloAds2Go Ads

==>Download The List You Build, You Worked For It

==>Get $100 in Free Traffic Just for Signing Up

And Many More Features

You Gotta See It To Believe It! This is a One of a
Kind List Builder, Where You Can Also Earn Instant

New Member Promo Code = newmember

After joining login and redeem the code for:

25,000 Credits…Plus
1 Solo Ad
4 Banner Ads
2 Button Ads
2 Block Ads
2 Ads Plus Ads
2 Headline Ads
2 Premium Ads
Now is the time to join Conversion Mail….And Earn
Commissions on Your Referral Upgrades

Our Ultra Affordable OTO Special is converting at over 20%!!!
Come Earn With Us

Still Reading?? Go…. Go…. Go….NOW

To Our Success,

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Get Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Hot Selling Private Label Rights & Resale Rights Products

How would you like to have free instant access to hundreds of dollars worth of private label rights products and resale rights products? Keep reading to find out how!

You probably already know this, but one of the easiest ways to make serious money on the internet is by selling digital products. It’s a fairly simple process …

1) You purchase a product with resale rights.
2) You resell that product as many times as you want.
3) You keep 100% of the money!

Of course, you can repeat the above process with as many products as you want! As you can see, it’s a fairly simple process!

But, there’s just one small catch …

You can spend a ton of money buying products with Private Label Rights (PLR) or Resale Rights (RR)! For instance, take my friend Tony Jamerson …

Tony recently told me that he used to spend right at $600 every month on resale rights products. You see, Tony was trying to increase his online income — he was trying to get ahead.

Instead, he was falling further and further behind financially. He was spending way too much time chasing down Resale Rights products, and way too much money buying them!

Worse yet, Tony and his wife Lisa were having marital problems partly because of the financial stress caused by him spending that $600 every month on RR products!

Sadly, Tony finally got to a point where he just felt like giving up. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Let me ask you a question.

Now Just Imagine:

If you could download two brand new digital products with private label rights or resale rights each and every weekfor free?

If you could instantly have access to over 728 ready to sell products … that’s hundreds of dollars worth of hot selling digital products with Private Label Rights and Resale Rights … for free?

If you could have RRW’s Resource Toolbox with instant access to over 330 internet marketing tools that will dramatically help you generate more income on the internet … for free?

If you could have instant access to the special Members Forum where you could interact with other members and access detailed reports on how to make money with PLR/RR products … for free?

Click the image below to be taken to your Free PLR

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Join and Post to Facebook Groups With the Click of a Button

The # 1 Software For Posting To Facebook Groups With Over 8,000 + Copies Sold Within 2014 Alone!

Generate Unlimited Prospects, Leads, and Sales For Your Business Overnight!
Need To Put Your Message In Front of Thousands of Targeted Visitors Right Now? This Facebook Groups Poster Software Tool Solves That Problem For You With Just The Click of A Few Buttons!

No Need to wait for opportunities to come your way when you have this software tool as this tool will literally create opportunities for you out of thin air. Instead of waiting why not beat them to the punch. Watch as you literally grow your exposure for any opportunity that you are promoting when using this software tool within hours!

Don’t Take My Word For It


fb groups poster

Here are some of the things that you will be able to do once you have this software:

Join unlimited open Facebook Groups
Pick anyone and join their same Facebook groups
Vary the time in between joining each group
Gather all of your groups to post to them
Choose which groups that you want to post to
Post messages to unlimited Facebook Groups
Spin unlimited ad copy messages being posted
Spin unlimited url’s to be posted
Join by search term and from a list and by the number of members
Ability to gather open groups and all groups
Being able to post to groups and take a break in between postings
Option to post using multiple photos or a single photo
Remove from open groups and all groups and by selecting the number of members in a group
Disable Notifications for open groups and closed groups by selecting the number of members
Add open, closed, or all groups to a list by search term
Vary the amount of time in between posting to each group to help avoid bot detection
Gather group member data by search term or from a list.
Bump post back to the very top of the group.
Quick setup of software to roll out a group posting campaign
Here are some of the things that you can do with this software that others cannot:

Joining open groups
Collect and join groups from unlimited Facebook members in any niche
Captcha solving added when posting to groups
Ability to hide password
Vary the time in between joining each group to avoid bot detection
Vary the amount of time in between posting to each group to avoid bot detection
Here is what you will need to operate the software:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (Windows XP Currently Not Supported and Not MAC Compatible Unless You Have Parallels)
Microsoft Net Framework 4.5 + or higher installed


Click here to find out what happens after you make your purchase

To Become An Affiliate and Start Making Money Today! GO HERE:


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What’s Happening In the Marketing World and the other night I GOT IT and Now Get 150 % Commissions

First I want to discuss trends:
For years there were lots of marketers and they were busy promoting safelists, mailers and traffic exchanges etc.
Normal commission rates were in the 50% range.

Over time other avenues of income came up and competed for these marketers advertising efforts.

Sites like clickbank, payspree, jvzoo, warrior forum and many others grabbed the attention of these marketers and they went there.


Simply because a marketer goes where the money is.

Then to attract marketers back safelist owners raised commissions and bonuses etc.

Then along came Don Harrison with what I call a Trend Maker.

Don and his coder developed an ingenious commission structure and we dubbed it 150% commissions.  In fact it is actually like buying a site attached to the mother site.

Founding Members get all the commissions that an owner would get no matter at what level in the downline. I told Don this is better than being an owner, not having to mess with all the other expenses.

In order to make it practical for the owner we tweaked it just a bit so that the owner gets the commissions from the sale of one login offer which is not an upgrade but sale of banners and solo ads.

Next Don convinced me to give it a test and so we launched CashTrafficMachine about one week ago.
1. We did get the attention of some top marketers and they joined and are doing very well. I know one of them make their initial investment of $133 back over 10 times in 72 hours.

2. I know several others have comparable results. I believe that the future for advertising sites who want to attract and keep marketers promoting their site will require innovative features like 150% commissions.

3. In one week Cash Traffic Machine had over 900 members and paid out over 7000 dollars in commissions.

What about you?
What can you expect? from CashTrafficMachine

I cannot predict what any one can do, but I can share this example.

Joe from Team Elite Home Businesses has been working with some of his members, (me included)  and has brought us into his inner circle.

The results have been more that we all expected.

Here is a typical exmple. One member had 17 optins and signups at Cash Traffic Machine but no sales and was worried about not getting sales. Joe told them never worry about the money and sales.

Always, always, and forever concentrate on getting leads and signups.

The money and sales will come from those leads.

So they went back to getting leads and signups and one night about one week later they made close to 200 dollars all of which instantly went into their paypal account!

That person experienced GETTING IT!
In fact they shared that their way of thinking totally changed and now they know exactly what to do. They have arrived as a marketer.

Don and Joe see this happen over and over and when someone GETS IT THE WHOLE WORLD CHANGES.

This happened for me to so

Join us today and let us help you get it


PS: Check out the video below it explains about the 150 % Commissions

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Secret Source of Instant Free Traffic Used by Top Marketers

If you’ve ever struggled with video marketing you’ll
want to pay close attention because I’m going to
reveal to you a secret source of instant, free traffic
that top marketers are using to build massive audiences
and huge affiliate commission checks.

It’s with a free traffic source from the company who
created Twitter – Periscope!

My good friend Cindy has recorded a trafficvideo talking
about exactly how you can tap into this free source
of high-quality traffic:

Watch the 100% pure content video HERE

* 1 million people signed up in the first 10 days.
* 10 years of new content streamed every single day.
* How you can get the app and get started in minutes.
* How to use Periscope to increase your Twitter audience
at the same time.

This is really powerful and you can put it into action today.

Watch the video NOW



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AdLeadProfits pays150 per cent commissions with Decimater Feature

AdLeadProfits pays150 per cent commissions with decimater

555000 credits for 7 dollars plus Instant Pay and 200 dollars
in signup bonus ads
150 per cent Instant Commissions – 200 in Ads – Random Referrals

Build Multiple lists and receive free lifetime autoresponder
Now – Random Referrals added to your Downline

Here are reasons to join this super list builder ad site
1. Two Steps to Moola Leads and Income System
2. You receive NO Emails from members AT ALL
3. Build multiple lists at the same time
4. BONUS – all members receive ONE DOLLAR Home Business Miracle
5. Members have a chance to win Daily Prizes
6. All members earn Instant Commissions – up to 100 per cent
7. Free members earn 25 per cent instant commissions + 200 in ads
8. Plus 220 dollars In Free Banner Ads & Text Link Ads! Promo
code = welcome
9. Access To Our Unique Advertising System That Helps You
Get Traffic Fast!
10. Upgraded Members Get Random Referrals added to their Downline
11. Enter our Relaunch contest and earn part of the jackpot.
12. Lifetime Banner and Lifetime Text Ads also available

Go HERE NOW to enjoy a bigger list and more
commissions fast.

The hottest trend online 150 per cent commissions is now

Bonus Grab a free member account use promo code = welcome
and get 10,000 credits, banners and text ads today!

Today’s login offer = 555000 credits for 7 dollars
Get the Details Click HERE

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