A Vegetarian Travel Nutrition Tip

Easy Veggie Meal Plans

For many of us traveling, it means skipping workouts, eating processed foods, and generally feeling guilty and frustrated because our commitment to a healthy lifestyle has temporarily gone by the wayside.

But with a little effort and following some quick and easy tips I’ll share with you, you’ll never have to resort to the over-priced, high-calorie food options that are prevalent in airports.

But first, did you know that when you’re at the airport you can actually take your own food through the security check?  Most people don’t know this, but as long as it isn’t liquid, gels, or gooey stuff over 3 oz. then you’re in the clear.

Okay, so you know that preparation is the key for anyone looking to lose weight and stay fit.  Well, this is especially the case when a last minute road trip unexpectedly arises.

So, with that in mind, here are some healthy food options suitable as snacks, breakfast, or dinner, that you can easily put together.

1.   Grab all the veggies you have in the refrigerator and combine them to make one big tasty salad.

2.   Pack 2-4 healthy nut bars.  My favourite is the RAW bar.

3.   Cut up fresh celery, carrots, and cucumbers – it’s quick and it’s easy.

4.   Add a few pieces of fruit to your “lunch pack”.

5.   Nuts are another excellent snack option.

6.   Seaweed snacks.  These delicious treats are sure to draw some wandering eyes as people try to figure out just what the heck it is you’re eating.

7.   And lastly, pack a bag of flax crackers.

A colorful display of fresh fruits

If you can put just 10 minutes into preparing some snacks for your trip, you’ll feel so much better later on when everyone else is stuffing their face with high fattening foods and you’re sticking to you healthy diet.

Even if it’s just some healthy snacks to tie you over while waiting at the airport, this plan with help you eat healthier and avoid the junk you know is bad for you.

If you are eating vegetarian, you need to ensure you get enough protein.

To find out more about protein go HERE:

By Kardena Pauza

Check her out  at Easy Veggie Meal Plans

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