Bend The Universe

Bend The Universe

Sometimes in life, you have to reach

deep, deep down inside yourself, and

tap into the resources…

…that you’ve always known that you’ve


Like the mustard seed, that can relax,

peacefully on the tip of your finger…

…yet when watered, and cared for:

GROWS into a mighty tree.

So can, you, when you realize… that

all of your experiences… your memories…

your successes…your good decisions….

…are just a seed, of the great mustard tree



watch the miracles.

Relax, as you watch the video now.

Episode 5 – “STRETCH for the IRRATIONAL.”

Click here and watch the video.

And you’ll know exactly what I mean.

-David Wood

“I believe you can accomplish

the magical, because magic is

just something outside the known…

…that is still unknown, until

you create it, now…”

Click here, and do that with me.

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