Boost Your Brain Power Now

In order to increase one’s brain power it will require a sustained effort over time. Overnight quick-fixes for boosting one’s brain power are few and far between but there are a lot of ways to ensure that your brain is continuously being stimulated by the best activities. If you use these great strategies then you will begin boosting your brain power straight away:

Brain power techniques

You should challenge one or more of your senses – All too often people are becoming more and more dependent on just one or two of their senses (usually hearing and sight). Think about what would happen if you lost one or all of your major senses?
It would definitely mean that your brain would actually have to work harder to counteract the blocked sense!

If you block one or more of your senses it is great brain exercise. It is a good idea to try these simple brain-boosting exercises when performing simple activities like eating or even when you’re folding the washing.

If your place of employment does not require you to drive or operate any machinery, you can sometimes blindfold yourself or block out your ears with earplugs without causing too much trouble. During the exercise, I want you to immerse yourself in the experience of having to use your other senses to make sense of what’s happening. The longer you immerse yourself in this exercise, the better the results.

Discover new uses for ordinary objects –Another great mental exercise that brings a lot of creative benefits but costs you absolutely nothing. Here’s how it works – identify a single, common object that you would like to focus on (i.e. chair, table, watch, keys, plastic case, telephone, shades, plastic figurine and lighter).

After you have chosen one of these items, it is best if you get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Then write down other uses for the item that you have already chosen.

Please don’t write down stuff that you already know (i.e. chair – used for sitting). Think of weird, way out and crazy uses for the ordinary object that you have chosen. If you were able to come up with 10 uses, try writing 10 more. You should write until your creative juices have been completely sapped and then skip to the next mundane object.

Go on a sensory adventure – Most of us live in a very eye-centric society where people trust their eyes over all their other senses. Because of this we can end up with mental stagnation and a somewhat reduced mental acuity over the long term. It pays to use all of your senses then you will keep your mind sharp. This can be done a variety of ways.

Say, maybe if you visited a pastry shop so you could taste some cookies and bread that you have never thought of buying before. You could challenge your sense of smell by first blindfolding yourself and then having someone bring you items to smell. You have to identify the items just by smelling it.

It is great to heighten your senses so the brain will be challenged even more to get you the correct answer. It is easy to embark on a sensory adventure at home or when you are travelling. Begin by performing this exercise once or twice a week, then you will be well on your way to improving your brain power.

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