Burn Fat With These Holiday Treats..

Think of your favorite kind of cupcake. Can you picture it? Moist, rich cake with a decadent frosting, right? I bet you can almost taste it right now.

But what about the fat, sugar, calories? Not to mention the artificial flavors, colorings and the unknown or even dangerous chemical additives? Sort of dampens your appetite, doesn’t it. That’s probably why you don’t indulge as much as you’d like to…

Until now, that is.

Because my good friend Belinda Benn’s “Sinfully Healthy” set of amazing cookbooks is here to the rescue. Among other delicious recipes, it includes 24 incredibly healthy (and unique) cupcake recipes!

Inside the Sinfully Healthy Cupcakes Cookbook you’ll find scrumptious recipes for:

• Metabolism-Boosting Cupcakes

• Pure-Cleansing Cupcakes

• Energy Boosting Cupcakes

• Gourmet-Indulgence Cupcakes

• Protein-Power Cupcakes

• Libido-Enhancing Cupcakes

Every single cupcake you’ll make is sweetly delicious. And every single one is good you! That’s because they’re power packed with super food ingredients, such as quinoa, maca powder and goji berries and use alternative sweeteners like Stevia. And that means you get the same rich taste without all the sugar, fat and calories.

Take a look at the pics here and see if your mouth doesn’t water too!

What’s more, Belinda even includes instructions for making ingredient substitutions on your favorite recipes to make them healthier. Got a favorite cupcake recipe you already enjoy? Now you can enjoy it guilt-free!

See it all for yourself here

Have a relaxing day…unless (like me) you’re still not done your holiday shopping!

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