Collecting Emails to Riches

It doesn’t matter what  you are promoting whether it is an online biz op or traditional MLM.  The fastest way to success in any business opportunity that requires you to recruit a ‘team’ or downline is to collect emails from targeted folks that are looking for a business opportunity.

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The problem I have experienced with traditional recruiting in an MLM or Biz Op is that after the team member goes through their ‘Warm Market’ there is nobody else for them to talk to.  This instantly depresses them and kaboom they quit.

If you focus on ‘collecting emails’ not only do you have the world as your market but you can explode your downline 10 x if not a zillion times faster.

We at Team UOIS focus on teaching our Empower network team to do one thing and that is to collect emails.

Chances are you’ve read that the money is in the ‘list’ and not only is this absolutely true but for the ‘newbie’ it is their only hope to succeed.   True there are the exceptional men and women who are skilled salespeople and who can talk anybody into joining.  But this is demonstration of sales skills is not duplicatable.

There are more non sales people in this world than there are those with a gift of gab.

Team UOIS is duplicating better than any other team in Empower Network because this is exactly what we teach our team:

New Team Member collects emails using Free and Paid traffic sources.

Team UOIS leaders (Michelangelo most specifically) is responsible for making certain those emails that team members have collected receive highly converting video emails with the team member’s Empower Network link.

Just like Michelangelo says his preacher dad used to say, “Get them in church and we’ll get them saved”.

All Team UOIS members have to do is collect the emails and Team UOIS leaders will do the rest .

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That, friends, is what you are looking for from a team, no matter what it is you are promoting.   A simple duplicatable system that has the ‘leaders’ working restlessly to get you conversions.  Anything else falls short and chances are you will fail.

Here’s the truth:  If you would concentrate and ONLY focus on collecting emails and not worry about whether you signed some one up or not your signups will come and lots of them.

Too many people join programs and right out of the gate they expect to get new team members.  That’s not how it works.  You should only have to get good at collecting the emails and your team leaders, like those on Team UOIS, are responsible for creating the high converting copy and videos.

And this should boost your confidence and spirits: You do not have to have a big list, meaning collect a lot of emails, in order for you to start seeing results.

With a list of less than 11,000 Team UOIS leader, Michelangelo, earns $500k a year.   And it’s because he has creating highly converting videos and content down to a science.

In closing, we encourage you to focus on collecting emails using Free advertising and Paid advertising methods.   We promise you get good at this and you will make money.

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