Deer Hunts

Are you becoming frustrated with going out into the field hoping to get that trophy buck only to sit for hours on end wasting your day away and in the end the only thing you have killed is time?

Have you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on top of the line equipment to help aid in your big buck quest and it turned out to be worthless and useless? You might be thinking at this point you aren’t putting enough time into it or you may be questioning if deer hunting is for you.

I can understand the aggravation felt when going out on cold days and waiting and praying to get a chance to get that monster buck and not even seeing a deer in sight. I too at one point in my life went through the same trials and tribulations. I wanted so badly to succeed and I would keep coming up short time and time again.

I can relate to the way it feels sitting around with your friends talking about deer hunting and listening to all of their stories about the big buck they recently taken and you don’t have a story to tell and you become the butt of jokes because of the fact.

I decided I was tired of not having a great story to tell or a picture of a beautiful buck I had taken. I realized I had to do something if I was going to succeed in this. Doing the same stuff over and over wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Then I started doing things differently after many, many hours of research on whitetail deer. Soon I started getting the results I had been looking for all along. And now, I want to share my secrets with you!


Looking for something Different.

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