Do You Make The Same Mistakes I Did?

I bet you have just signed up for this spectacular new affiliate program.  They will give you  great products, free referral websites,awesome training,  some fancy pre- done ads that you just copy and they have an amazing payout plan for you to join.This should be the best affiliate program on the internet!  They get you
to put some ads out there and then you will become this amazingly rich
internet millionaire. You Know you Will?
Just before you begin on that big hugely expensive place you call home, here are some things that many new affiliate marketers do wrong that you will need to miss like the plague.
 You Just Want to Believe the Hype. Yes, I mean the hype that will
be promoted by your own program. The money projections that they
all make are just that, suggestions. You can make that
much. But you might not within your first few months of the
program?  Just think of it as an investment for your heirs and
not a get rich now scheme.
You have to believe in yourself and your ability to make that vision become reality.
But please don’t believe all that marketers tell you.
You need to have a plan with clear measurable goals.
Many people join affiliate programs with the vague goal of wanting to make a lot of money.
You need to be realistic here,making a lot of money straight off is not necessarily going to
happen. So, you need to have your clear cut, specific goals.
Again, you must think clear,specific steps here.
You Will Want instant results with little effort.
Expect to work at your fantastic business. And expect to work at it every day.
If you opened a shop you would need to go in to work daily, wouldn’t you? You will also have to advertise and get people to come to your
store. Well, you just opened your own fabulous online internet store
and you are going to want to make things happen?
You will need people to look at your product and preferably buy it?
You have to advertise,advertise, advertise.
Just a second, if you don’t advertise that affiliate link, how are you supposed to get sales and downline members? You will need to create your own website that will have a link to your affiliate program. Every affiliate for your program starts out with a similar website to you. You will have to be able to make yourself a different site to all the rest. The way you do that is with your own fantastic one.
Don’t get discouraged.
You’ve been working that program for awhile now and not much is happening. You’re getting down and you are beginning to wonder if anything will happen. You need to pick yourself up, shake out the cobwebs and figure out what you should be doing.
Try to learn more. Get hold of your sponsor and your upline members until they decide to help you out. Don’t give up. You won’t achieve success by quitting. So don’t.
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