Do You Need Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste?

Ever found yourself looking at your teeth and thinking they used to

be white before, what happened?

Have I got something for you.

This Oral Care System is a unique, comprehensive line of

oral health care products that helps provide anti-plaque


It’s called ap-24®anti -plaque fluoride toothpaste


This fabulous whitening toothpaste prevents plaque buildup.

The cavity-fighting formula features a

plaque-fighting agent that helps remove plaque and debris as you brush.AP 24 Whitening Toothpaste

The gentle formula freshens breath with vanilla mint and

leaves a clean, fresh-mouth feeling that lasts all day.


• Removes plaque during brushing.

• Leaves a clean, just-brushed feeling that lasts.

• Gentle to teeth and mild to gums.

• Helps loosen and remove debris.


• AP-24®

—a plaque-fighting agent of medical-grade

dimethicone and surfactants. AP-24® is a long chain that can

wrap around teeth and hold tightly to leave your mouth feeling

slicker and fresher longer.

Dicalcium phosphate

—a mild abrasive that gently loosens and removes debris.

Sodium monofluorophosphate

—approved form of fluoride that can be used to fight cavities.


It’s Time to Break Up with Your Regular Toothpaste!

?? Our Whitening Toothpaste removes stains by at least 63%!
?? Safe for kids!????
?? It functions as your daily toothpaste.
?? It contains NO harmful bleach
or peroxides.

?? No harsh bleach or peroxide
??One step process that won’t break your budget
??Mild mineral derivative removes stains
??FDA approved ingredients
??Removes stains from wine ?? nicotine ??, dipping & prevents them from returning
??Kids 2+ LOVE it!
??Returns your teeth to their original whiteness

Placing a big shipment•••Who’s in

ap24 whitening toothpaste


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