Dogs With Anxiety

You’re At Your Wit’s End – But Don’t Give Up Yet!

Believe it or not, your dog may be suffering a clinical condition called dog separation anxiety. It’s the same separation anxiety that children go through when they leave home to start attending school, or when parents go off to work and leave the child with a baby sitter or at day care.

But while all a child does is cry from separation anxiety, dogs can go on a rampage that can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage to your home. It’s not fair to the dog; it’s not fair to you – and it’ not a productive relationship with your pet!

You didn’t dream of having a dog one day – only to find that it’s become a nightmare, did you? Of course not! You wanted a pet – that adorable dog you fell in love with when you first saw them as a puppy. And now you want that dog back.

Well I am here to tell you that you can reclaim your pet. You can finally put an end to the damage and destruction. You can stop the constant whining and barking. And if you know what to do, it can be a simple process that builds a loving relationship with your dog!

Ok, so what is dog separation anxiety?

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