Failure and Feedback as a Business Strategy

When you look at all the most successful businesspeople, online entrepreneurs, and affiliate marketers, they all share one common characteristic. They’re successful. On top of that, they share one other: every single one of them failed time and time again to get to where they are today. Feedback, reflection and analysis formed the backbone of their recovery, and with their newly found knowledge, they were able to project themselves forward to massive online success.

It’s funny, this type of feedback and reflection is provided day by day to major corporations and companies. Major Fortune 500 companies pay thousands of dollars every month just to allow customers to give their feedback. In a way, this is simply a micro-cycle of the entrepreneur’s failure. Instead of failing themselves, they allow their customers to preemptively point out where they will fail, and save them the cost and time of rolling out a product that’s bound to a less-than-perfect market life.

This kind of value doesn’t occur in advertising labs, or research and development offices. It happens when consumers get together and talk about what it is that they truly like. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or just someone that’s interested in the market, this phenomenon of corporate culture puts a massive value on your abilities. Simply by pointing out this market ability, you can change the impact of a product.

It really makes you think — how will companies take advantage of the increasing flatness of the internet? Already they’re paying customers thousands of dollars to provide feedback, and it’s inevitable that this will go even further as the need for uber-niche products increases even more. More than anything, this fragmentation of products will provide even more opportunities for online marketers to excel in providing feedback for major corporations.

So, as much as it may seem like this career won’t last forever, it’s highly possible that it will. With services like Twitter, Facebook, and the large selection of blogging platforms providing every customer with a voice, it would be in the best interests of major companies to aggregate those voices and use them to manufacturer and market products that really do help consumers and gain their highly valuable word-of-mouth marketing from them. This kind of progress doesn’t eliminate online survey opportunities, it simply advances them and offers more opporunities for those interested.

So don’t count that online career out. With massive amounts of survey jobs available today, it’s certainly a workers market right now. The traditional economy can’t promise that, can it? With the massive downturn in employment, the value assigned to customers is increasing exponentially as they’re able to offer corporations feedback on how to keep their buyers coming in. So, don’t underestimate your skills — there’s a very good chance that you could create a lucrative online lifestyle simply by giving feedback.

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