Free Listing Program

People are always looking for easy ways to put some money in their pocket. And people also usually have items they no longer need or want. Children outgrow perfectly good toys. Teenagers outgrow perfectly good clothes. Adults outgrow perfectly good golf clubs.


Indeed, millions of perfectly good products of all kinds are outgrown, abandoned, and retired every day!

Except for highly organized individuals, these items wind up in closets, attics, and garages, taking up valuable space while (usually) fading in value as they sit.

But with the TC Free Listing Program, this clutter can be converted into cash—quickly, simply, easily.

And the timing couldn’t be better. With the huge downturn in the global economy, especially in the United States, demand for this service is skyrocketing. Indeed, reports indicate that pawn shops are doing record business right now. There’s little doubt that SFI affiliates worldwide, through TripleClicks, can tap into this same vein with great results.

Here’s how the Free Listing Program works:

In short, simply give away free sample listings at TC!

It’s easy, thanks to a variety of X-Cards, E-Cards, Postcards, text ads, tabbed fliers, and banners available for you to use, all offering a free, complementary listing at TC—plus a list of marketing methods to help you get these offers in front of your customers.

You can make money from it. Learn How:


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