FutureNet Has Multiple Ways to Earn Part 2

Hi, if you have not read the first installment on this subject go

Here for the 1st 4 ways to earn.

This post is about the 2nd four ways to earn in FutureNet.

The fifth way to earn is with a friends bonus.

The Partner in each Friends Tree can have three friends at the first level

above, the fourth and each next friend will be placed at higher levels

of the Friends Tree.

FutureNet Friends Bonus

 The sixth way to earn is with a matching bonus.

 The Matching Bonus is calculated on the basis of income from:


Personal Partner = up to 50% Matching Bonus

To get Matching Bonus you do not need to have any

qualifications From each directly invited Partner, who

gets the bonus in Friends Tree you get from 10 % to 50% of his income value!

The amount of Matching Bonus depends on the owned Package.

The 7th way to earn is with a leadership bonus:

With the Leader Bonus you get % income from all your structure without any depth limits,

from the first level, to infinity. The amount of % income depends on your qualification.

If your Personal Partner also qualify to the specified level of the Leader

Bonus, then you earn the % difference.

FutureNet Career Plan


If you qualify for 4% Leader Bonus and your Partner qualifies for 2% Leader Bonus. Out of this group, you earn 2% without any limits in level depth. From the other groups you still earn 4%. Leader Bonus (infinity)

If you get the 7% Leader Bonus in your group and one of your partners also achieve 7%, then you qualify for the 5% share in the WORLD POOL

 The last way to earn is with the career plan.

All the scores from your structure are counted into your Career Plan.

FutureNet Career Plan 2

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