FutureNet Has Multiple Ways to Earn

I just came across this fantastic company that gives me 8 ways to earn.

It is so simple to use and everything is in one place.

The first way is  a Social Media Bonus

Your Activity on the FutureNet Platform is rewarded.

FutureNet advertising revenue is divided between active Users of the FutureNet Social

Platform.FutureNet Social Bonus

Social Media Bonus is a reward for active Users of the Social Platform. It is calculated daily

according to special script, taking into account specific parameters of activity.

Your activity parameters will be especially rewarded while using the internal communication tool.

The second way is a Multimedia Bonus

You may upload your multimedia files on our Platform and resell them to other Users.

Do you have your own multimedia files? You may resell them to other Users on the

FutureNet Platform.

FutureNet Multimedia Bonus

Load your files in the “Products” tab, specify the price you want to charge and make money every time other Users download the files.

You may use external links to share your products, and FutureNet servers to store the files.

For each sale you will keep 50% of the price, 40% goes to the Marketing Plan in the form of turnover, and 10% is the FutureNet commission.

 The third way to make money is a sales bonus.

For each sale of the FutureNet products you will receive a 30% of direct commission.

In addition, you are rewarded for each sale in your team up to 10 levels inside:

Sales Bonus does not apply to purchases made with Media Points.

 The fourth way to earn is:

Advertising Sales Bonus

With the Advertising Sales Bonus You

get for each advertising customer 20 % direct commission

If you bring advertising customers to the FutureNet , they will be connected to you forever

For each turnover you get a direct commission  of 20%.

For the next four methods of earning check out my next post HERE:


FutureNet Sales Bonus

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