Home Dog Training

Home dog training has become quite popular nowadays; this may be due to the high availability of reliable teaching guides and resources for beginning trainers. If you have a healthy, happy dog at home, there is no reason for you to not train it at home.

You will not have to spend hundreds of dollars to pay for obedience lessons. If you have a clicker, and a reward for your dog, you are all set to teach him any action or behavior that you want him to perform. You can make this happen through clicker training.

What is clicker training?          

Clicker training is simply teaching a dog to perform an action because it will bring a positive experience to the animal (i.e. edible treats, toys, etc.).

Unlike the more traditional forms of dog training, clicker training avoids the common pitfalls of animal training (e.g. the use of aversive control, direct commands, etc.), and uses more natural means of getting results during training.

Clicker training has worked very well for most because it teaches things to dogs in phases. The first, the dog is taught is that a click will bring a reward. When this is repeated many times the association between the metallic click and the treat will happen.

When this association has finally been made by the animal, the trainer can then proceed to teach the dog different tricks. The second set of associations uses nonverbal signals (such as hand movements). This practice teaches the dog how to figure out on his own what you want it to do next.

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