Hot Off The Press AT UOIS- Another Amazing Funnel

I have just finished attending the most fantastic Craigslist webinar, it is fronted by the awesome Michelangelo Lopez from the University of Internet Science.

In this webinar you will  learn Michelangelo’s techniques for gaining fast cash flow by using his super fast posting software that is FREE.

Here’s the absolute truth: Get multiple ads up on Craigslist and you WIN!

craigslistThat means no matter what biz op or MLM or affiliate offer you are promoting you will convert.

Craigslist is still one of the most popular websites on the World Wide Web.

50 million visitors a month and 50 billion page turns!

You cannot possibly learn Craigslist marketing in 5 minutes. No way.

But see 99% of so called ‘Experts’ when creating a webinar to promote think of only one thing and that is; How do I get them to the ‘pitch’ segment as quickly as I can?

So they give you a little content, add a little hype, and then throw in the ‘pitch’ which was the REAL reason they produced the webinar in the first place.

This Craigslist Webinar is pure content and should not be missed.

Watch The Webinar:

 photo CraigslistWebinarCapture_zpsafabc1e3.jpg





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