How Do You Get Off To A Fast Start (No Matter What You Are Promoting)

This just came from the Boss at UOIS- I just got this question this morning:

“Michelangelo, as a new member, who wants to get started fast. Based

on your experience, what should I look out for?

fast startThis is the first time I’m blogging (I’m on your Empower Network team), my mind

is completely empty. Do not know where to start?.”


Reading my response to my team member will help you no matter

what biz op or MLM you are currently promoting.

So here was my answer to  Liz:

Fantastic question, Liz!

The first thing that you should do to get your business off to a fast start is, well let me back up for a second.  The first thing that you

should do EVEN BEFORE you start getting your business off to a fast start is to


Too many people naively believe, and through not fault of their own but

because there is so much HYPE online, that every guru has reached

success over night and that all you have to do is join and the Universe

is going to line up all its stars and you will make zillions of dollars with just a few clicks and a few blogs.                                     fast startThat’s Bull&^%$#@!

In your email you mentioned how I earned over $40k in April and how one

of my videos mentioned earning that much the past months.  Well, while that

is true, Liz, it did not happen over night.

I’ve been online quite a few years and been relentlessly collecting emails

for a while now.   Those who reach my level of success with Empower
Network collect emails and make this their #1 priority and blogging second.

The truth is when you are ‘broke’ you don’t have much to blog about.  What are you

going to blog about that you can’t pay your bills?   When you start making

money your life opens up and you can do the things you truly want to

do and go to the places you dreamed of going and buy the things you’ve

always wanted…

And then you have plenty to blog about!

Now I want you to blog even if it is just about your family, favorite things to

do, and even blog about your dreams.  And you can blog about an affiliate offer and insert your affiliate link in your copy.

But make collecting emails your main work priority.

Let me ask you, Liz, what level of success do you see for yourself?  Six months

from now how do you realistically envision your business?  How does that make you feel?

This is where you should begin.

Does the prospect of having hundreds of people join your business excite you?

What exactly does that feeling feel like?

I’d bet (if you’re truly honest) having hundreds of people join your team makes

you feel great!  Especially if you have failed miserably in the past.

Close your eyes, envision this image as well as what it will feel like to be at

that state and hold on to it as tightly as you can.  Envision this every day and magnetically you’ll start to act towards that goal.

You will start doing the things you need to do to succeed and you will start

treating your Empower Network business like the REAL business it is.

Yes, this ‘envisioning’ is easy for me because I grew up a preacher’s kid from the

‘Name it and Claim it’ faith doctrine.   I grew up knowing that ‘Christianity is not a

call to poverty’ and I refused to let psychic vampires suck my energy and dreams away.

I know it can be harder for a lot of people because of what they may have been through.

Now the next thing you need to do is PLAN FOR YOUR SUCCESS.

What’s it going to take to get you to your chosen end?

Ask the question specific to the issue.

To do this you need to have a clear view of the conversion figures for your business.  And in just a bit I am going to share the exact numbers that you will need to reach in order for you to succeed and start converting your leads into your Empower Network team.

And this is based on what I have experienced.

Ask yourself…

How much traffic is it going to take you to get a lead?

How many leads is it going to take you to get a sign up?

How many sign ups is it going to take you to get to your chosen goal?

Here are my answers:

How much traffic does it take me to get a lead?

First, I have traffic coming from my keyword enriched YouTube videos and

I have traffic flowing to me from my Linkedin profile (100% keyword enriched profile).

I also have traffic heading my way every day from over 20 Safe Lists that I send

emails to using Traffic Zipper.   All of the above is automatic once I have set

things up.

My paid traffic is primarily from Solo Ads and I am always trying new Solo ads.

Liz, read this and keep this on your mind because in your email you mentioned that

you have gotten 17 optins but no EN conversions.

You will need to get to the point that you are getting 50 to 75 optins a day to

truly start converting Empower Network signups on a very consistent weekly, and

even daily basis.

Be of Good Cheer!  50 to 75 optins a day is not that hard to do once you have everything though out and are implementing what UOIS teaches.

My video emails and emails convert nobody can deny this.  You can go to

Team UOIS Testimonials and read over 900 testimonials.  I am not the only

one making money.  Countless team members are getting signups, too!

Yes, 50 to 75 optins a day is not going to happen over night unless you are

Donald Trump and have money to continuously spend on solo ads.   But implement

what we teach and your optins will get up there.

Remember, as I always say, ‘You collect emails and know that I am here to help

you get the conversions.’

Your next set of questions you need to ask yourself are:

What type of advertising are you going to have to do?  How much money will

you be devoting to your business?  How much time?

 If you have more time than money then you have to ask yourself what sort

of low cost and FREE advertising are you going to be doing.

Liz, both paid and free advertising methods are found inside UOIS EN Diamond campus and ALL have been proven to work.

One of my team leaders, Gary Aggio, started broke and using Free Traffic

sources ONLY he has gotten to over $2500 in monthly residuals.

The truth is it’s going to take you longer to grow your business without money

or leverage than it is with free resources so you are going to have to augment your plan to account for these details.

You will have to give yourself the time to see your ends come true…

Yes, Gary, has reached a nice level for residual income but Gary worked his butt off at the beginning.

If you are going to be doing free advertising I suggest you start out with multiple

safelists where chances are the entrepreneurs who come across your email are hurting and are not making money and need help.

That’s why our Niche Ad Generator landing page and all our landing pages

work so good.  They help people no matter what biz op  or MLM they are in.

While everyone else is sending Empower Network links our team send links

that genuinely can help anyone and everyone no matter what they are currently promoting.

That, Liz, is the KEY!

Write this down because knowing this much will make the difference in your success:

1) Know that 90% of the leads that come across your website, blog, or landing page are already  in a biz op or MLM been beat up by a biz op or MLM or their sponsor
has gone into the Witness Protection Program.

2) The ability to be able to send out an email or solo ad letting them know that no matter what biz op or MLM they are in that you can help them is priceless

3) The REAL bonuses you provide far exceed in value the initial cost of the offer. Knowing the above is the reason why I have been able to get over 820 Empower Network signups in 5 months and 2 days.

It will be no different for you!

This is a business and treat it as such with a little thought into your actions and I promise you will succeed.

Oh, you may not be where you want to be in 6 weeks but you will not be where you used to be.

Hope this was helpful.

Samantha Briggs

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