If You Had Cash Flow Would It Solve Everything?

Believe it or not people do not have BIG problems they simply have small money.  I really don’t care what some people may say.  I don’t really worry who may disagree.  The truth is CASH FLOW can solve everything.

Cash flow solves problems.

cash flow

Believe it or not people don’t have BIG problems they simply have small money.   Think about the last time you had a conversation with a friend who was sucking the energy out of you with all his ‘Whoa is me’ My-problems-are-so-friggen-big drama.

Just pin point one of your friends problems .  Then, imagine your friend having lots of cash flow, yes, lots of money.  Do you think whatever the problem was that he was draining your energy with could have been solved?  I bet it could’ve.

Think about your own problems, no matter what they are…

I bet you could start to solve your problems  and end many of them if you had more money?  Don’t you reckon you could.

In fact, I think I know you could!

Did you know that a whopping 90% of divorces are due to financial problems.  Yes, lack of money.  Little Cash Flow or no cash flow.   So I think it is safe to believe that money –yes, cold hard cash– can save marriages.

There’s not a marriage counselor today and bet even Oprah herself  cannot compete in saying they have saved more marriages than a nice steady consistent cash flow increase.

Cash Flow really can solve everything. cash flow

If there was a consistent cash flow machine pumping cash  into all newly wed’s bank accounts  then this would drastically slow down the divorce rate in America.

Statistics show us that most couples do fight about MONEY.  More specifically a LACK of Money.

If  you pump more money into most households, hence increasing there cash flow then all of sudden you can have a HAPPY marriage.

Yes, in many cases and I do mean most of them, cash flow would solve everything.

And don’t think for a minute that money can’t ‘buy’ health.  I happen to know a friend who  gives thanks every day that he makes enough money to purchase his medicine for the horrible disease he has.

He is always telling me  that if he didn’t have enough money he wouldn’t be able to afford half the medicines needed to keep him going and working and that government resources would only provide him with far less effective and somewhat generic brands.

Really, you say…..  But it is what it is so we have to make sure we have BIG MONEY so that we will have small problems.

So, just know and keep this in your mind:  Remember this you don’t have Big problems you have small money.  So be glad!

There’s ways of cranking out Cash Flow just like the video below!


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