Is Your Body A TOXIC Wasteland?

I hope you had a terrific New Year’s eve and holiday season and that you’re ready to

make 2014 your healthiest and best year yet.

But first, some sad news…

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Did you know that due to modern day agricultural practices there is a myriad of harmful, dangerous TOXINS looming in many of the foods you eat every single day? And especially, many of the food and drink you may have indulged in over the holidays.

I’m talking about chemical pesticides and herbicides used on crops, contaminated sewage

sludge used as “fertilizer” during the growing process, and meats and dairy products from

animals treated with dangerous hormones and antibiotics

And then there’s alcohol. Do I even need to describe it’s damaging effects in your body?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into just how dangerous and toxic most conventionally-grown foods really are:

1. The pesticides and herbicides used to treat fruits, vegetables, and many other crops are

known to be exceptionally toxic to humans, many of which have been linked to serious adverse health effects, disease, and even birth defects.

In fact, some of the pesticides found in the foods you eat daily are flat out BANNED by the

United States, but these dangerous chemicals still make their way into the U.S. food supply

through imported food items riddled with residues of these banned substances.

body cleanse

2. Non-organic meat and dairy products are derived from animals treated with dangerous

growth hormones like rBGH and have been shown tobe a significant risk factor for prostrate and breast cancer, a myriad of hormonal imbalances, and killing off of the healthy bacteria in your gut.

3. More than 28 MILLION pounds of “sewage sludge” is produced per year, and instead of finding safer, more expensive ways to deal with this toxic waste, the government has resorted to a rather inexpensive solution — reuse it as “plant fertilizer”.

This sludge makes up part of what you eat and ends up coursing through your veins.

This toxic sludge is comprised of upwards of 60,000 toxic chemicals such as asbestos, dioxins, and toxic heavy metals…and it’s being used to

FERTILIZE the fruits, vegetables, and crops that YOU place to your lips every day.

The above problems within our food supply are NO JOKE, and your TOP PRIORITY should be to first and foremost determine how toxic you are and then start reversing the damage.

The good news is that you can do exactly that with this brand NEW body toxin assessment…

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Let’s make 2014 your healthiest yet!

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