Learn How To Sell High Ticket Items

I just wanted to touch base with you real quick regarding something
awesome and very important.  I don’t know if you know this or not, but there’s
a new product which teaches you all about high ticket sales .
This is being promoted tonight on the webinar. Take a look HERE:It is only staying this price for a very short while, then they are going to double it not once but twice.high ticketIf you want to make sure you get your commissions on it (so no sales
get passed up), you can buy it now before they put the price up.I’m sure you know how good the Dave’s are at selling stuff, so it would suck to have these
commissions pass you by (and they will add up quick).It’s called the High Ticket Academy.  Same comp plan applies (with
the pass ups and all that), as with any other EN product.So if you want, you can get it now by joining ASAP, and then send this same type
of notification email out to your team to help make sure the
geneology stays in tact and you get your money back and then get awesome training to boot.How fabulous is that.high ticketI have it and it is working like a charm.If you have any questions, let me know.Talk to you soon,
Paste your code here!
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