Lets Face the Facts

It’s getting harder and harder to promote your business opportunity!

Would you agree?      Why do you think that is?

I think it’s because out of all the people you are advertising to, 98% of them are already in some sort of business.

It seems damn near impossible to promote a business to someone that already believes they have the best one already!

How can we solve this problem and get people to join your business?

What is the BEST solution?

What the heck is Parallel Marketing?  It’s when you offer someone something of value to people that they need and this in turn, helps them build their business.

This brands you in their eyes as someone they can trust and so then you can develop a bond or friendship between you .

That old adage, “Money is in the LIST!” is so true in both Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing and this is why 98% of the people in both industries FAIL!

If you really, truly want to succeed, then you need to understand your “market”.

It appears that before people will “buy” from others, they have to trust that person/seller… they have to feel comfortable with them… otherwise, they need to know you personally!

The only way you can get to know them is to build a list of buyers. Now, if you want to build a big list, you have to know your “market”.

At any given time, there are approximately 50 to 60 million people worldwide involved in the Network Marketing Industry and 7 to 10 million affiliate marketers worldwide involved in the affiliate marketing Industry…..up to 60 million people promoting a product and/or business opportunity.

In most scenarios, 98% of them are fixed on what they call their current primary business.

If you advertise a product/business opportunity to the 60 million of which less than 2% are receptive to your offer, how big do you think your list will be only reaching that 2%? I can tell you it will be much larger if you can reach the 98% of the 60 million.

How do you do that?  By advertising a Service, Tool or Traffic Source that they all want and need. This, in turn, will help anyone promoting a product/business opportunity all while making you extra money!

All of this can be completed with about 9 different programs on the market today. That is if you have the 40 to 60 hours per week to keep up with all of them and $1200+ up front and $300 a month.

Gorilla Marketing Pro has everything you need to complete the “Parallel Marketing” tasks with ease! Let’s take a look at what you get with Gorilla Marketing Pro:

  1. Pre-Built Landing Pages that are high converting ($49.95/mo)
  2. Unlimited Team Building with Mass Team Communicator ($69.95/mo)
  3. Exclusive Parallel Marketing Technology ($99.95/mo)
  4. Monetized Tools and Traffic System ($59.95/mo)
  5. Facebook Wall Posting System with pre-built high converting banners ($19.95/mo)
  6. Pre-Made Professional Graphic Banners of all sizes ($199)
  7. Pre-Written Swipes you can use ($179.95)
  8. Tracking and Analytics System To Track Every Visitor ($29.95/mo)
  9. Over 100 FREE Advertising Sources and Secrets (priceless)
  10. Over 100,000 opportunity seeking leads ($499)
  11. Weekly LIVE Training Webinar by 2 million dollar earners (diamond nuggets)

All of this would likely cost you over $1100 up front and over $300 per month!

But, for a limited time, you can get all of that and more in the Gorilla Marketing Pro system absolutely FREE for LIFE!

How can we offer all of that for FREE?

Because we have already made it in the industry and now we want to pay it forward to others.

Make no mistake about it… this is not some pieced together bubble gum machine system.

This is the most powerful system you will ever find and for a limited time it’s yours FREE for LIFE!

So come and join the team.







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