Love, Gettin Some Lovin, And Network Marketing

I’m going to prove right now that you can have a thriving organization in any business you want and I’m going to do it by talking about love and sex and you’ll read it because it will shock the heck out of you.

Listen in . . .                          lovinEvery person I know has fallen in love at least once, and every adult I know has gotten a little lovin at one time or another.

If you can or have accomplished either of these two you can have a thriving organization in any business you want.

Why? No one just falls in love. They dream about having a love of their life, then they start searching, and one day they find someone.

Same goes for the other, every person, well most anyways, dream of getting a little action at some time in their life, then they start searching, and one fateful day they get a little action.

These two things don’t happen by chance or without effort, they happen because most people actively pursue one or the other or both.

Same goes for your business, you gotta dream big and often for that goal of a thriving organization, then you have to actively pursue it, and if you keep at it you get it.

Unlike the first too activities, growing a thriving organization isn’t already built into your DNA. We gotta fall in love, we gotta get some lovin if our human race is to continue, so we can’t help but to pursue these interests.

Network marketing is different ONLY in that you have to build the desire and the belief it’s going to happen to a level where you know that a thriving organization is on its way.

Most start off with a bang, at least in their head, but when the going gets tough the love for network marketing fades.

You must keep that desire strong, you must think about it positively and have good feelings about the outcome running through you daily or else it simply isn’t going to happen.


If you can get married, if you have a family and children, meaning you got some loving, how did you do it? Think about it.

You probably faced a little rejection from a suitor or two, you probably stumbled and embarrassed yourself, but in the end you got it done.

Well your business is no different. Let’s get it done!


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