Men’s Health “Perfect Body Formula”

There are a certain few exercises you need to be careful not to over do in your quest for the perfect body.

Unless of course you don’t mind a wide waist and a less attractive physique.

perfect body

Today’s video shows you 2 exercises most responsible for “widening your waist”, taking you out of proportion, and ultimately hurting your look.

Not only that, but these waist widening exercises have been shown to have some of the highest rates of injury -Which of course is another BIG minus!

2 Exercises That Can be Ruining Your Physique   <—-video

Now I’m not trying to sound like the exercise Nazi or something, and there is a certain time and place

for these exercises…..if you want the perfect body.


But they have to be done with perfect form, and lighter weight if you don’t want to risk injury or

messing up your ideal perfect body proportions.

perfect body

As a matter of fact, today you’ll also see 3 science proven strategies to help you create that classic

V-Tapor, picture perfect body proportion Men’s Health cover models always seem to have.


 Stop Doing These 2 Exercises-And Do This Instead!   <—-video

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