Options in Ezine Article Writing.

Producing ezine articles is an excellent way to promote your business. These articles take ezine advertising a step further by establishing you as an expert in your field and providing sufficient exposure for your company. However, producing 400 or 500 words that make sense, draw in a reader and compel them to spend money is an intimidating prospect. Fortunately, you have options. This article will discuss four options in producing ezine articles that are sure to sell your business.

Write them Yourself

This may be the least expensive method for posting ezine articles. The short text is not all that difficult to do, if you are fairly handy with coming up with topics and putting sentences together. There are plenty of good tutorials and instructional websites available for this purpose. Just make sure you come up with an interesting topic, it might be about weightloss or fitness and you will need a catchy title and solid information.

Keep the article informational and objective; if the potential customer likes what he sees, he can click on your link at the end. Edit your article yourself before submitting, or ask a friend or relative to proof read it for you.

Hire a Writer

You can find freelance writers who are willing to tackle this job for you for a nominal fee. Check websites like Elance or Hot Jobs for available prospects. The advantage to hiring a writer is that you can ask him to customize the article for your specific needs. You also have the benefit of a trained professional who knows how to produce Internet content that will get results. The main drawback is that you will have to pay for their skills, although the rate is fairly nominal if it brings you new customers.

Purchase an Article

With the huge shift to Internet marketing, there are now article ‘banks’ where you can purchase pre-written articles and modify them for your needs. These articles do not come with a copyright, so you can change them as needed and post them under your name. Directories are usually categorized so you can easily find an article in your subject of choice. The drawback to this approach is that the articles may be fairly generic in nature. The advantage is that they might be less expensive than commissioning a writer to compose the article for you.

Use your Affiliate Program

If the purpose of your ezine article is to promote an affiliate website, you can often find prewritten articles that the affiliate will allow you to post with your link attached. The articles are written by the program owner, and are usually designed for to get good results. While this approach may not provide you with a full commission, you will get paid every time a sale is made to the affiliate. That type of approach allows you to continue to reap the rewards long after the effort is made.

Ezine articles are an excellent way to market your business. With so many options available, you are sure to find a source of articles that works for you.

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