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Did you ever want to know how you can actually increase your brain power without having to spend truckloads of money on seminars and personal mentoring? Here it is  -because you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to boost your brain power.

All you need to magnify your brain’s capacity to process information and recall facts is already out there. One just needs to have the strategies that will help you achieve the goals. I have listed below some excellent strategies to help you accomplish your brain-boosting goals:


Brain power tips

Be more creative and express yourself in different ways – A humans brain has two main divisions that represent two very distinct thinking centers: they are the creative center and the logic center.

Our logic center is often used for problem solving, rationalizing, etc. while the creative center is used primarily for self-expression.

We know that most of the time, people overuse their logic centers while completely ignoring their creative sides. Many people work in an environment that requires them to use their logic center more (i.e. you’re a computer programmer or mathematician); however, they still need to balance the use of both sides of the brain so that brain power won’t take a hit.

It seems the easiest way to stimulate your creative center is by listening to music, or dabbling in art and writing. Either of these three activities should be enough for anyone as once you start on just one of these activities, you will notice that your days and nights become filled with fun and personal enjoyment or more importantly, brain challenges in the form of learning how to do things the best way.

So just for example, if you want to learn how to draw proper human figures, you would have to learn how to draw the correct accurate lines on the paper. All this effort would challenge the brain and the brain should respond by increasing the number of connections it makes.

Don’t settle for plain, ordinary solutions –In today’s society it seems that people value instant gratification. We are not saying that there’s anything wrong with this type of thinking, but we are suggesting that if you settle for quick fixes and plain solutions each and every time, your mind will begin to stagnate and you could become less creative and unmotivated.

So this is the perhaps why it is a good idea to try to arrive at more creative solutions to problems. We don’t mean that you don’t want to solve your issues or problems with time-tested solutions. But you can apply these solutions with a variation perhaps you can think of novel solutions as well. Go on spark those neurons and brain cells!

Challenge your beliefs – many people don’t like to be drawn from their comfort zone. But it’s time to step out of your comfort zone so you can begin learning new things.

Say if you think that sports aren’t right for you at all, maybe it’s time that you tried something new like badminton or swimming. You never know? It could be that you may have been holding yourself back just because you were afraid that people won’t appreciate your athletic ability.

So why not prove those doubters wrong by challenging yourself today?

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