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Type of Program: ViralListBuilder
Owners: Ben Holsinger & Joe Freyaldenhoven
Experience: 15 Years Combined Online Marketing Experience
Timer: 7 Seconds
Price: Free – Upgrade Options
Commissions: 10% – 40%
Ease of Use: Very Good
Design: All the Latest Features
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After joining this program I was very impressed with
how easy it was to navigate through the members area,
sending emails and viewing ads in the PTC section.

Feature rich for sure… Activity/Jackpots, Mail every
day, Earn Credits per click, PTC ads, Banner and Text
Advertising, Spot light ads, Dynamic Clicking Rates,
IMloop, Downline Builder, Residual Credits, Steal the
spot feature, Reset Mailer feature, Unread email feature,
Surf Booster, Tracking Links, A Rotator, Residual
Income… The works.

This program rocks and I would suggest that anyone who’s
looking for quality safelist to join up today. There’s
a whole lot to gain from being a member and hey, don’t
forget to take the offer… (you’ll know what I mean when
you join) yes, the offer that you’ve got to see…
it’s awesome!

Performance: *****
User Friendly: *****
Cost: *****
Support: ****
Results: *****
Features: *****
Reviewed by Samantha Briggs

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