Scary Videos and Haunted Houses

Create Your Own Scary Videos At The Top  Haunted House In The U.S.

Have you always dreamed of taking a thrill seeking adventure and going to a truly haunted house or place to experience the presence of spirits and the unknown?

If you are into checking out just what goes on inside the life of a paranormal activity investigator and their findings then I’m sure you have done a fair amount of surfing the web looking for things.

The frustrating thing I have found with that is the that the stories vary from one site to another and you’re left not knowing the true facts and what REALLY happened.

And for any true enthusiast like me, you probably plan trips to some of these dark places to get a “hands on” feel for a first class experience. Once again, many of the places offering the tours are strictly proven to be hype by professionals. They are only out for one thing…


You usually receive some mocked up story full of lies made up just to get publicity for their establishment. Think about the aggravation of spending a lot of money to visit a place as such and end up feeling let down and like you totally wasted your time.

If you are searching for the real true facts on the scary stories, most terrifying haunted house or place with recorded evidence and documentation of the paranormal activity then keep reading.

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