Something Interesting is Happening.

Who is the “casual” fan? Mobile games are popular and profitable.

The casual sports fan is underserved and hungry for more.

The US national sports fan population has remained steady over several decades…

About 290 Million Americans are sports fans

BUT only 18% of Americans (57.4 Million) play

fantasy sports

AND there are no casual sports games

within the top grossing 25 of mobile games (paid or free)

Who is the “casual” fan?

Everyday fans focused on “their” team

Low to zero interest in fantasy sports

They love live sports, not simulations

Play other popular casual games

The expanding female market

Women are the fastest-growing segment

Control 85% of ALL consumer spending

Control 92% of spending for minors

Women play more mobile games than men (around 52%)

What if there was a better way to play?

It all started with an idea…

Interactive game play during the live event is Ideal for the “casual” fan

Social and competitive

Focused on YOU! YOUR team! YOUR friends

Introducing: The better way to play!

1.Download the app and become a player

2.Choose a Game to play, or play in Leagues

3.Play for FREE, or play with Tokens

•Pre-Game and Social features are FREE

•Buy or earn Tokens to play LIVE events

•Earn Tokens with ad participation

4.Earn Points in every game

5.Accumulate Lifetime Achievement Points

6.Earn badges, awards and advance in Rank

7.Get loyalty rewards for participation and in-app spending

So just play or become an affiliate?

Get paid when you introduce the app and

tokens are acquired.

Get paid when you invite others to play and

tokens are played and  get paid when you build a team of Affiliates and

they share and play too.

Learn all about HERE

united games sports app






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