The Game Is On!

RipplnIn a few days we open up the Rippln App Share catalogue & allow you to get paid for sharing apps.

The full details will be revealed over the next few days, but in this post,
we’d like to cover just a few hot topics.

#1: All current Rippln Players will get the app share catalogue for FREE when we open it for business on the 28th.

That means if you’re an active player now, the $199 app share catalogue sticker price will be completely waived.  

Click Here to “level up” and become a Rippln player before
the 28th if you want this free.

#2: We conducted an important “history of Rippln” training last Saturday, that we think is very important you see.

Inside this training, you’ll see where we’ve been, where we are,
& where we are GOING.

Click Here.

Learn from members of the Rippln community who are making waves
with this idea!

#3: We just released an interview with a top income earner from the
Rippln community, Michael Rutherford.

Michael shares his secrets & excitement for the upcoming “app share” launch,
don’t miss it HERE.

Stay tuned for more exciting news
coming over the next few days!


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