The Key is 52 To MLM Success or BIZ OP Success

The meaning of “the key is 52″ for MLM Success…

Many people assume that if you come a cross a professional MLM success (Network Marketer) whether he is in TalkFusion, ACN, Solavei or some other network marketing company it  is thought that the ‘gurus’ may have sponsored thousands of people into their down line.

But really nothing could be further from the truth.

mlm success

I know someone who has personally knows a half a dozen gurus or more in various Network Marketing companies and not one of them had sponsored more than 100, in fact, most sponsored less than 60!

Yes, it was a shock to me as well!  What is MLM Success?

I had also thought these #1 income earners in MLMs sponsored more than a thousand.  Where as in reality the actual average was about 57.  And these ‘gurus’, who we now know to have only personally sponsored around 57, are the top income earners in their opportunity.

Whoah, isn’t that a huge relief?  It was for me.  You, me, and all we sponsor can have an absolute number to work toward.  We need to know an absolute number that we can set and commit to when sponsoring or what happens is we tend to give up, quit, and move on.
That absolute key is 52 to MLM Success!

There you have it,the key to mlm success in any MLM is 52.  I guarantee you that if you commit to personally sponsoring 52 people into any network marketing companies you belong you will leap to the top of the income earners in your opportunity.  That is for sure!

I suggest you do not forget this analogy: mlm successIf you go to any country in the world and get a deck of cards there will always be 52 cards (not counting Jokers of course).  And in those 52 cards you will always have 4 Aces, 4 Kings, 4 Queens, 4 Jacks, and a whole lot of other cards.  But you will definitely always have a certain amount of cards made up of a certain amount of low and high cards.

I now know that  if you ABSOLUTELY commit to never quitting until you have personally sponsored 52 into your net marketing company you will get your 4 ACES, your 4 Kings, and Queens, and your Jacks.  Plus, you will find all the low cards to.

All contributing to YOUR MLM success!

We all get that Maths is known as an absolute science and if you will commit to bringing in 52 personals the math will not fail you.  It can’t.  It’s an absolute science.

If you carry around one of those mini decks of cards everywhere you go you will see.  I never leave home without mine.  I use it, as a reminder of my commitment.  Then, when I am sharing my opportunity with a prospect I can just pull out the mini deck and share my committed goal and let them know that they can share in this goal too.

This really gives my prospect and new member an exact number to work towards.  And hopefully that means they will not dare to quit until they at least get their 52 personals.

And that pack of cards analogy will have you in the top income bracket

for your mlm online opportunity.

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