The NEW Google? (webinar)

I’m sure you’ve heard. Google is a pain in the ass to deal with. Quality Score, Google slaps, blog network attacks, dropped rankings, banned accounts, Panda update paranoia… ENOUGH!

Who needs it. To make matters worse, we deal with all this nonsense just to get a visitor to our website. Not a BUYER… a visitor. Compare Google to Amazon. People use Google to get info, do research, find videos, etc. Amazon is a BUYERS search engine.

Big difference. You don’t go to Amazon searching for information about how to remove a skunk, right? Amazon wins.

What’s even better… there is no “Amazon Slap” and 99.9% less B.S. that dealing with Google! So, why why isn’t everyone jumping ship on ‘ol Google and heading  over to Amazon?

Because very few people know how to truly tap into  the MONSTROUS traffic on Amazon and make a killing.

This guy I’m about to introduce you to does. To the tune of $100K PER MONTH! Matt Clark is only 25. But, he’s already quickly become the “King” of Amazon.

Matt doesn’t do any SEO, blog building, Facebook or ANY of that stuff.  He’s not an Affiliate marketer. Oh, and he *doesn’t* pay for traffic either.

And if you thinking that Matt is another guy making money with Kindle,  think again… Actually, Kindle is only about 5% of his $100K per month  biz on Amazon.

Aren’t you curious to see what he’s doing?

 How he’s making that kind of money? I sure as heck am! That’s why I know you will want to be on this upcoming webinar.

It takes place soon:

This is *not* one of those pre-recorded webinars.

These are all live for a limited time.  You can grab your spot right here:

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