Weider 240 Weight Bench Review

One of the best things about weight benches is their versatility in terms of giving their users numerous exercise possibilities. In fact, most weight benches can be considered as mini-home gyms in that you can perform both upper and lower body exercises on these pieces of fitness equipment. One such excellent exercise equipment is the Weider 240 Weight Bench.

weider 240

As anybody involved in the fitness industry knows, Weider is a leader in the industry with products and services ranging from nutritional supplements, shakes and foods to exercise equipment like kettle bells, home gyms and body weight systems. In short, the brand name Weider is an assurance of high-quality products that deliver on their promises to the consumer.

Product Description

The Weider 240 is the advancement over its predecessor – the Weider 195 – mainly because of the former’s improved design that provides for a wider variety of exercises. Plus, the price tag is definitely on the affordable side so choosing between the Weider 240 and 195 is a no-brainer – you will go for the former. Add in the lat tower and the preacher curl pad in the Weider 240 Weight Bench and you have two more reasons to purchase it.

The backrest can be adjusted to three different incline positions, namely, flat, incline and decline. The weight bench has a butterfly station with the above mentioned interchangeable lat tower and preacher curl pad, which are in addition to the roller leg developer. The preacher curl pad is obviously useful for bicep curls.

The maximum weight limit for the barbell holder is 95 kilograms although the total product weight is only 40 kilograms. Take note, too, that the maximum user weight is 115 kilograms so heavier bodybuilders are well-advised to look for another weight bench so as to avoid accidents while using the Weider 240 Weight Bench.

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