Who Uses Government Records?

Who uses government records? The name itself seems to draw up images of grandiose governmental buildings and secretive national security agencies. It’s not quite that way. Government records aren’t exclusive to the zones of public policy and security, in fact they’re often most valuable to every day people. Whether you’re checking a potential employee’s criminal record, browsing for the phone number of a long lost friend, or searching for information on a spouse or partner, government records can make your search time simple and effective, and give you access to information that is otherwise behind closed doors. So, who uses government records? Simple, everyone.

Here are three situations where government records could help your searching:

#1 – You need to verify the criminal and professional background of a potential employee. Background checking is becoming common practice in the world of corporate employment, and whether you’re being hired on as an intern or an executive, you can rest assured that your employer will be doing at least some investigation on your background. If you’re an employer, government records provide a massive centralised database for checking the criminal and professional backgrounds of your many employees. This doesn’t mean you should check up on their references, quite the opposite in fact. Check their own resume and then use government records to look for any inaccuracies in their application.

#2 – You want to look up the contact details for an old high school friend. Got a friend you haven’t seen in years? If they’re not on Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, it’s easy to write them off as someone you’ll never see again. This is where government records can come in very handy. Instead of chasing down every lead you can find for them, just type their details into government records and watch their information pop up onto your screen. Going straight to government records saves time and makes it easier for you to focus on getting in touch with your friends, instead of spending all your time chasing down leads and mundane details.

#3 – You’re seeing a new boy/girlfriend and want to see if they’re a scam artist. This is a situation that comes up surprisingly frequently, and while it sounds slightly absurd, it’s absolutely crippling when it happens to you. One of the quickest ways to screen any potential relationships is to investigate the potential partner for any criminal convictions or charges. This is one thing that slips the mind of too many people, who then end up in situations involving identity theft, confidence tricks, and other common scams. For those who wish to plan ahead, and make sure that they’re safe, government records can help you ensure that your partner is legitimate and trustworthy.

These are just three situations in which government records can come in handy. There are literally thousands of others. Whether you’re an interviewer, concerned spouse, or just looking for someone, government records can be the answer you were looking for.

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