Why Your Business Is Like Mexican Food…

Before you call me a nut, hear me out . . . How can my business be like mexican food?

How does one become an irresistible sponsor?

businessHow do you put yourself in a position where prospects line up credit card in hand to join your business?

No matter what anyone says – when it boils right down to it, our business REALLY is a lot like Mexican food.

This is important to understand, so listen in:

First know that I’m a lover of Mexican food. I never get tired of it. If you ever want to get on my good side all you have to do is buy me a burrito and we’re friends for life.

That said, here’s what’s important:

You got to give it to Mexican restaurants. They have a formula and they stick to it.

You get a burrito, you get a taco, you get an enchilada, what are you REALLY getting (besides delicious food)?

You’re getting beans, rice, maybe some type of meat. All wrapped up in one of a few shell types.

Really, the only difference between most Mexican dishes here in the US is what it looks like. On the inside it’s all pretty much the same.

You need to understand your and my businesses are no different. Sure our companies are different, but that’s just the shell.

Underneath, are the things that really make you attractive as a sponsor.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, these qualities, these factors, are always the same.


Intrinsically, you’ve got to lead with your passion, you’ve got to be willing to take on risk for the benefit of your team, you’ve got to be a teacher, along with a few other things.

Extrinsically, you’ve got to be able to create a crowd, know how to communicate, create leverage, put simple things like traffic generation on autopilot, along with a few more key tasks, but . . .

The KEY here is, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in. These key factors are what make you successful.

Some folks will say “But, my business is different!” and the truth is NO it’s not.

You do the right things and you get the right results regardless of the shell you’re in.

So that’s one way your business is a lot like Mexican food.

Here’s one more just as important.

In a burrito, you can have beans, rice, meat, and sure a burrito with all the fixings is better than one with just beans.

But . . .

Do they sell bean burritos? Have you ever bought one? I’ve bought many.

My point here is simple.

You don’t have to start your business burrito with all the deluxe fillings, if you’ve got passion alone you’ve got your business beans.

You can fix your burrito up deluxe style later.

More important to get out there with what you got and build on that foundation than it is to wait until you’ve got the best deluxe burrito in town.

If all you’ve got is passion and you know your business is gonna grow, that’s enough.

Get going . . .

Have you seen Sex and the City?

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