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Does Your Sponsor Go into the ‘Witness Protection’ Program ?

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The ‘trend’ across MLMs and Biz Ops is for leaders to work their business with as little work as possible.  I am sure you’ve come across videos from any given business opportunity where the theme is that your goal should be to travel the world and enjoy the luxury of your toes underneath the white sands of the world’s beaches while sipping on some tropical refreshing drink , fingers fiddling with the pretty pink umbrella.

God help you if that is what your sponsor is preaching.   Chances are you are going to sink faster than the Titanic.

While I definitely do not believe a new enrollee in whatever biz op shouldn’t feel as if their sponsor needs to ‘babysit’ them the truth is a ‘newbie’ does need help to get going if he is going to succeed. You can get help HERE:

It is pure stupid selfish laziness on a sponsor if he does not make himself or herself accessible if only for a few minutes on the phone.

This is not Michelangelo Lopez, one of the leaders in Empower Network and the boss at the University of Internet Science,  trying to come across as some  ‘perfect’ sponsor.  I am the first to tell you I drop the ball weekly.  But I strive to be the best sponsor I can be, to my team and yes it is hard work sometimes.  It is not easy to be a sponsor of over 1100 personals on my downline.

That said, I encourage you to be the best sponsor you can be and it starts with allowing your team to have complete access to you via phone not  just via emails.

It does not matter what MLM or Biz Op you are currently promoting be the best sponsor you can be and you will not only reach your highest level of success but you will help others reach success, too.


And it doesn’t come easy.  There are many times when I do not want to answer the phone, or deal with some stupid question and I have to remember why I am an Internet Marketer and why I chose to be in a biz op that requires recruiting and a downline.  And that is to help others succeed and reach the highest level of success they can possibly reach.

The owners of the biz ops they do have the right to outsource their work, and make themselves accessible only to the leaders, while they have their toes in the World’s beautiful beaches.  As long as they provide the tools for their affiliates to succeed, and in the case of Empower Network Dave & Dave do exactly that, meaning they provide their affiliates with everything their affiliates need to succeed and to pass success to their downline.  But we in the ‘trenches’ do not have that luxury.

Those sponsors who treat their business like its their ‘missionary’ work are the ones who help their downline succeed.

Treat your downline like it’s just a vehicle to earn money and you will not have much of a downline left within just a few months.

There is not a day that passes that I don’t receive an email or a phone call from some affiliate in an MLM / Biz op begging me for help because their sponsor is not accessible.  That’s sad and I will be the first to tell you it hurts everybody within that business opportunity.

Anybody can  recruit and most are ‘Assembly Lining’ their new affiliates.  If you can just stop and realize that you are building a loyal following of people who trust you and the company you are affiliated with and not just recruiting to make money you will find yourself with a down line that is exploding and their down line is exploding and everybody is making money and everybody is happy and working toward their goals.

I have always said most sponsors go into the ‘Witness Protection’ program after their new member has joined but just as bad are leaders who don’t want to do the work themselves and outsource everything.  Now while I am a firm believer in delegating that does not mean you cannot make yourself accessible.

I was having lunch with a successful leader in the industry and he went on to tell me how he has outsourced everything to assistants and assistants and more assistants and, hell, he was barely in touch with anything in his business save counting the money.

If your sponsor has outsourced you I feel real sorry for you and even more sorry for your sponsor.   He may be successful today but soon he will not.  And chances are neither will you.

People have often asked me, “Michelangelo, what is your ‘funnel’?”  and I musingly say, “Well, my ‘funnel’ is all the leaders in the industry who go into the ‘Witness Protection’ program.  They spend tons of money recruiting and recruiting and then go into hiding and their affiliates quit, wait the period to rejoin again according to their program’s policy and rejoin under me.

Or a team leader who whole heartily knows the importance of their downline having complete access to their sponsor.

In closing, it is my hope that leaders realize the goal is not to see how much money they can make while working as little as possible.


You cannot work as little as possible as a team leader and expect to truly help your team.

A great sponsor should practice the following and practice this relentlessly:

·       Make him or her self accessible to the ‘newbies’ and those who are ‘pros’ via the phone

·         Strive every day to improve conversions for his or her team

·         Provide as many tools as possible at no charge even at his or her own expense

·         Maintain the expenses of running an online business for the team at a minimal

·       Provide added training for his or her team on top of what the MLM / Biz Op they are    in   provides

·         Provide more than ‘Feel Good Overcoming’ Stories.  Your team needs the nuts and bolts more!

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